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Understanding your New Homes Warranty

All of our new build homes come with a 10 year insurance backed structural warranty from LABC Warranty. Throughout the build process we collaborate with LABC Warranty Risk Management Surveyors and local authority building control to ensure our new homes are constructed to the highest standards. It is also a condition of most mortgage applications that a structural warranty is in place for newly built or converted properties. LABC Warranty’s New Homes cover is widely accepted by the leading banks and building societies helping our buyers to obtain the mortgage they need to purchase one of our new homes.

In partnering with LABC Warranty, we are also registered for the Consumer Code for Home Builders, which provides a further level of protection to our buyers. The 10 year policy is broken down as follows:


During your first two years in your new home, Branley Homes is responsible for rectifying any defects (which are deemed to be a failure to comply with the LABC Warranty Technical Manual). These defects cover any structural issues or any problems that can be attributed to poor quality workmanship or materials. General “wear and tear” and poor home maintenance are not covered under your Warranty. We aim to resolve any rectifications reported to us in a timely manner. However, LABC Warranty also has a Dispute Resolution Service homeowners can invoke if they are not satisfied with our service/attempts to resolve.


During this period, if you need to make a claim on your policy, you should contact the LABC Warranty claims team, who will assess the validity of your claim and provide necessary assistance if they determine your claim has merit. The claims team can be contacted on 0800 183 1755 or via email at:
Your LABC Warranty policy commences from the date stated on your Certificate of Insurance, a copy of which we provide to all buyers upon completion.

We have set out below some helpful links as a comprehensive guide to your LABC Warranty cover:

Snagging Checklist

Upon taking possession of your new home, it is helpful to carry out an initial inspection to identify any damage or defect that exists at that time.

How to run-in your new home

This helpful guide contains pointers on how to “run in” your new home. It is advisable to read this alongside our blog post on maintaining your new home.

Homeowners Handbook 

This guide provides helpful advice on the scope of your Warranty, home maintenance tips and a detailed table of examples of possible defects (i.e. examples, their causes and the cover that might apply to rectifying them).

Consumer Code for Homebuilders

The Consumer Code sets requirements that Home Builders who are registered with the supporting Home Warranty Bodies such as LABC Warranty must meet. Branley Homes strives to adopt the standards of good practice, procedures and information as detailed in the Code guidance against each core requirement. The purpose of the Consumer Code is to ensure that home buyers are: treated fairly; know what service levels to expect; are given reliable information upon which to make their decisions; and know how to access speedy, low-cost dispute-resolution arrangements if they are dissatisfied.

A copy of the Code can be found at the following link:

For further information visit:

If you have any further queries pertaining to your LABC Warranty cover or wish to report any defects on your new home, please contact in the first instance.