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Porcelanosa Group Factory Trip 2017

Last month we were kindly invited on the annual two day “Porcelanosa Factory Tour” trip in Valencia.  We visited the Group’s 8 showrooms and have highlighted our favourites below.


We visited the Porcelanosa Show Room, which specialises in ceramic and porcelain tiles.  After being treated to a delicious lunch, we were given a guided tour of the main factory.  The factory is futuristic in that it is predominantly machine run with sensor-sensitive robots deployed to move boxes.  The efficiency of the large scale manufacturing facility was extraordinary.


Day Two saw us visit the the Noken Show Room, which specialises in the manufacturing of innovative sanitary ware and tap fittings.  The technology and revolutionary concepts were highly impressive.

We moved on to the L’antic Colonial Show Room, which specialises in natural finishes (e.g. stone, wood and marble).  The high level styling employed via the use of lifestyle accessories and recessed lighting created a warm and luxurious setting.

Systempool focuses on bathroom products and spas but we were most excited by the Systempool developed KRION surface.

KRION can be moulded into any shape and is multi-purpose.  Its outstanding properties make it suitable for use in the home (bathrooms, kitchens and general interiors) as well as restaurants, bars, hospitals and innovative architectural projects.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and were overwhelmed by the incredible hospitality shown by the Porcelanosa Group.  The showrooms, products, people and cuisine were nothing short of fantastic.

We wish to extend a special thanks to David Lindsay at Porcelanosa, Warrington for inviting us on the trip.