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Interior Design Trends For 2018

As we move into a new year, interior design experts are already providing hints on the latest trends set to soar in 2018.

Terrazzo – much loved in the 70s and set to resurge in 2018 as an evolution to the interest in marble. This multi-coloured composite material is fun and adds edge to any space.

Rich Colours – whilst grey may remain the neutral colour of choice, bolder colours such as brooding velvet, corals, navy and emerald green are set to be big in 2018.

Darker Wood Tones – set to increase in homes in 2018 as we move away from the Scandi trend of paler, bleached woods.

Sage – hotly tipped as the “new neutral”, sage is a muted green with grey undertones. Whilst a braver choice than beige and grey, sage is still approachable and can be integrated with other bolder colours. Instantly warm yet fresh.

New Metallics – whilst the use of metallics in the home is nothing new, new metallics such as brass will replace more traditional metallic colours such as copper and rose gold. Brass mirrors and accessories help to add a luxe feel to any room.

Statement Ceilings – this forgotten “5th wall” as it is often dubbed can transform any room using bold paints, wallpaper or textures.

Statement Front Doors – colourfully painted front doors are proving ever popular in searches on Pinterest as people strive to make an instant first impression on visitors.

Artisan Textures – wicker and rattan furniture, accessories and lighting are tipped to be popular in 2018 as people strive to incorporate a more international and natural feel into their homes.

House Plants – colourful, hard to kill plants will continue to be popular accents to homes in 2018. However, we are set to see this concept evolve into “patterned plants” with the plant stand being equally as important stylistically as the plant itself.

Gender Neutral Nurseries – perhaps reflective of evolving attitudes to gender stereotypes, nurseries are set to focus on less traditional child-like themes in favour of nature, woodland and wildlife.

Wall Art – a constant favourite in “saves” on Pinterest, blank walls are out and wall art be it in the form of posters, prints, paintings or large canvasses is very much in.