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As we move into a new year, new interior design trends and must-have key pieces emerge. 

Here is our list of trends to watch out for in 2017: –

Art Deco – the art deco love affair characterised by rich colours, bold geometry, statement lighting and opulent detailing is set to continue throughout 2017.

Velvet – will continue to be the go to fabric for upholstery, throws and cushions and instantly adds a rich and luxe feel.

Mixed Patterns and Textures – build upon bold patterns that complement one another to create balance and don’t over co-ordinate. Contrast can also be created through the use of textures and solids.

Natural Wood Tones – with softwoods, hardwoods, contrasting grains and a selection of colours, there is a range of choice for anyone looking to add warmth to their home with this popular design material.

Metallic Finishes – infusing rooms with metallic layering and accessories continues to prove popular and instantly creates a luxury and contemporary finish.

Raw Whites – the emergence of raw whites particularly in relation to kitchens and accessories ties in with the popular Scandi style characterised by clean lines, simplicity and quality aimed at creating a natural, light and organic feel.

Geometrics – instantly create a modern and polished look. They can be used in wallpapers, artwork and accessories to create an instant focal point in a room.

Feature Lighting – quirky pendants and feature lamps can be used in conjunction with downlighters and spotlights to instantly alter the mood and ambience of a room.

Tucked Away Appliances – from pop up sockets to folding hoods interior designers are embracing tucked away appliances to safeguard space.

Abstract Art – a large canvas with bold, textural colours forms an immediate focal point.

Our new show home at “The Meadows” was carefully designed to cater to current trends and modern, practical living.